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Company Overview
New Tech Training offers you a wide variety of proven curriculum choices at prices that we believe are the fairest in the training industry. The company's founders have been involved with the Microsoft family of products, and the training of Microsoft Professionals for over 12 years. With combined certifications starting from Windows 3.0 and then continuing through Windows 2000, our long term commitment to the training of Microsoft Professionals is unmatched by most other companies.

New Tech Training's commitment to client satisfaction and fair pricing standards has proven us to be a reliable partner for anyone seeking quality training. If quality, experience and value are what you are seeking from a training company, let our team of professionals show you why we are one of the leaders in customer satisfaction.

Training Overview
Our sales staff, curriculum developers and instructors are committed to bringing quality and affordable training to all of our clients. Our training is targeted to those candidates seeking a higher knowledge level of the following topics:
  1. Microsoft Windows98
  2. Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 4.0
  3. Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0
  4. Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional
  5. Microsoft Windows 2000 Server
  6. Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server
  7. Implementing TCP/IP in a Microsoft Windows NT Environment
  8. Microsoft BackOffice family of products
  9. HTML/DHTML Web Authoring
  10. JavaScript Web Authoring
A team of highly motivated and certified professionals conducts all training. Prices for training start as low as $500.00 per student, and are never more that $1750.00 per student on standard courses.

Free Services
New Tech Training is proud to offer to you the TPrep Exam Center. The Center is an MCP test preparation area that currently has a collection of over 1400 practice questions designed to prepare individuals for the grueling exam process of the MCP program. The TPrep center is totally free of charge with no restrictions on how often or how many times you can take the exams. We encourage you to use this free service, it has helped many professionals in the past that wanted to reach their goal of certification, and we are sure it will help you too.

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